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Kimchi&Ceviche vs. Pates et Traditions

Pates et Traditions is a cute little French restaurant located on Havemeyer in Williamsburg.  We strolled into the place feeling a bit famished and ready to eat.  Unlike many restaurants in NYC, Pates et Traditions is extremely inviting and laid back; no rush at all, and the staff were extremely friendly.  Not to mention, the atmosphere in general was very tame and quiet, which is a huge plus.

In terms of the food; it was delicious.  We started off with the shrimp and curry crepes, daube nicoise, and finished it all off with pear and chocolate crepes.  The flavor combinations were all there, everything was perfectly seasoned, and the portions were perfect. This is definitely a restaurant that warrants more than one visit. 

Watch the video for our full wine-induced review.

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